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Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012

Access Denied when Running projectpier for First time

by Joielechong sipayung  |  in Software at  Sabtu, Oktober 13, 2012

After finishing installing projectpier 0.8.8 , i found that i can't manage to add new project. It's because i don't set the option 'can manage project' for my administrator user. After i set it, the problem gone. It really wasn't a big problem, though i must go to 3 level just to set it.

here i give the screenshot step to enable 'can manage project' (here i use 'rio' account):
1. Select and click Update Profile from View rio.  Find button 'Edit Contact' on the end page and click it.

2. in 'contacts' section, find 'edit user account' and click it.

3. then find 'can manage projects:' on the end page and set is as 'yes'. Click 'edit user account' button to save it.
4. Voila.

Have a good time... :D ;)

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