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Senin, 29 Oktober 2012

Chasing my dream

by Joielechong sipayung  |  in hidupku at  Senin, Oktober 29, 2012

It's already past 2 year from my graduation, but i still don't have a fix job. My body get older and weaker and my soul become so weary cause of it. I really can't blame anyone or even anything, because this is really the path I already have choose for years before.
Now I'm running toward my dreams.. the hecks with everyone that think that i'm stupid, do they really think about me....?....

I'm chasing my own dream now, whatever it takes, whatever the costs, whatever the burden and difficulties I may face and face now, I'll running toward it... There's no way back. Because I believe everything will work according what I've planning before. Why I must scared for the future?, I come with nothing to this world and go with nothing,... In the middle of it, I'll do my best, the best of the best of the best that i can.

Cause I always  believe, there's always a way if you believe it. :).

Cause I always know, Nothing Is Impossible When You Believing.....
Never stop to believe and trust in your God. :D ;)


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