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Senin, 10 Maret 2014

Completing Interactive Conky Button For Clementine

by Joielechong sipayung  |  in pemrograman at  Senin, Maret 10, 2014

Finally, after trying for a couples of day to create control button for clementine and learning some basic programming in lua, yesterday I've finished it.

Here the show:

Download the full package of conky and necessary file in zip here.

There are 4 important files in the zip:
1. conkyrc; conky file configuration
2. button_script.lua; script for interactive button. We don't need to change this.
3. clementine_controller.lua; Controller for clementine.
4. my_button.lua; This is file where we define our clementine button.

When trying to use these conky, please remember to change these file:
1. conkyrc
    Change path in line:
    lua_load /home/rio/joie_conky/button_script.lua
    to your script path.
2. button_script.lua
    change path in line:
    to your script path.
3. my_button.lua
    change path in line:
    to your script path.

Don't forget to add conky autostart in your system.

Kudos to mrpeachy for his interactive button.

Happy Programming...:D ;)


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