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Selasa, 11 Maret 2014

Simple Review of Loving Me: Reclaiming My Power

by Joielechong sipayung  |  in Review at  Selasa, Maret 11, 2014

This is a simple review for Loving Me: Reclaiming My Power By Letty Chihoro

Loving Me: Reclaiming My Power

When I first read this book, I get a good impression. The story of writer life is really good and touching. Letty told her life in fascinating way. I really enjoy her style on telling her story. Simple and easy to read.

Letty has a humble life as a child which turn to miserable where she face racist segregation and discrimination in her school. She face racist descrimination in her environment even when queuing in a shop.

In 1972, she lost her beloved father. But her grieve is not only this. After her father dead, her father relatives make her life and her family life become worse. They trying to get whatever they could get from her family property and trying to force her mother out of their home.
Later in her life, she develop issues on her health. Mainly because of her bad behaviour like smoking and eat junk food. These problems stay and get worse when she married and having a child. Then finally she found the sources of her health issues which are cigaratte and many junk food and also her emotional issues.

Overall, this is a good biography book to read. Eventhough the last 20% part of the book (starting from "Lesson Learnt" part) seems like forced as an end which make a bad closing for the book.

This will become a really good biography if the last 20% part is deleted or move as a supplementary story or as an epilog.


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