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Selasa, 04 Maret 2014

Trying to configure clementine with control button in conky

by Joielechong sipayung  |  in Slackware at  Selasa, Maret 04, 2014

Currently I'm still trying to create control button for clementine in conky.  I've collect every information for it. Here the details of the necessary things needed:

1. Conky itself
2. Conky documentation (really need this)
3. Clementine package
4. Lua package
5. Tutorial of conky

6. Interactive conky button
7. conky clementine (for displaying current play of clementine in conky)
8. clementine control script  (look at clementine.lua)
9. Conky Pitstop (Gallery of beautiful conky setting)
10. Conky / Music Art (maybe we should read this),
11. Tutorial to remotely control clementine with dbus
12. xdotool (this is the brain behind interactive conky)

In case something bad happens to the links, I've made a backup for them at my google drive, here.

Initially, we must install conky, clementine, and lua in our system. Because I use slackware64 14.1, I download those three from slackbuilds.org. Remember that we must enable lua when building conky (read at http://slackbuilds.org/repository/14.1/system/conky/). Btw, don't forget to install any requirement for clementine.

Enough for today.... :)


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