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Jumat, 09 Mei 2014

My Review and opinion on Gantz Manga

by Joielechong sipayung  |  in Review at  Jumat, Mei 09, 2014

A couple week ago I've finished reading Gantz manga. This manga is categorized as adult manga because it contain themes or scenes that not suitable for young reader under 18 years. There are many nude pictures, sex scenes and adultery, killing scenes, blood splattered, and gore in this manga. Not for the fainthearted.

I give 3 from 5 stars for this manga.

This manga start it story from 2 old friend students, Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato, who trying to prevent a man hit by the train because of lying on the railroads, but they being hit by the train instead. They died with their bodies splattered all over the railroads but by miracle are revived and forced as a alien hunter by a large black sphere called Gantz. They're given some futuristic items, equipment, and weaponry. Actually, there are many humans other than Kei and Kato that revived and forced by Gantz even some animals like dog and bear.

The main theme of this manga is to exterminate aliens that come to the earth and settle between human kind. Each of participants like Kei and Kato, who once died and revived, must kill aliens to get points which after 100 points will be given 3 choice; First, Return to normal life and the memory of Gantz and the missions erased. Second, can have a unique and powerful weapon. Third, can revive someone who died on missions.

In the first couple of chapters, I have an expectation that the manga will have a same good story style like Psyren. But after some chapters more, it turn to be out of my initial expectation. Not even a little similarity we have there. No, nothing.

There is a part when an alien asking why the revived human kill his kind, asking why human kill aliens even though they doing nothing harm for human. At first I thought there will be some hidden story behind this. I thought the revived human is being deceived by the Gantz to kill aliens that want to protect human kind. But then after next chapter reading, I found nothing supporting my thought. Not even a single alien that want to protect human kind. Why there are not a single alien have a good side from so many aliens that come to the earth? This really irritate me.

Long story short, it is revealed that the Gantz was created from technology given by some superior aliens who want humans to protect the earth. There is no motive behind their acts, they only want to observe how humans do their job on protected human being from annihilation. They only see human like an ant who will not advanced to the higher degree like the superior aliens even within thousand of century span of development. I see no good side played by the superior aliens, but an arrogant being who boasting their intelligence and power.

The story get ugly when the superior aliens tell revived human that there is no God by explaining and demonstrating that human is just a matter, nothing more. That human can be created and destroyed by their power, intelligence, and knowledge. Humans is a matter created from an information which saved in a universal information storage, they said. And after human die, he/she will be created again in another generation. Hmm, this sounds for me like a reincarnation concept.

I really don't know how the writer having an idea for anti God ending without giving his reader some good explanation. He don't answer some basic question for this idea; Who create the universal information storage? Why human being is formed from an information? Who create the information? When the information started?. If writer give an explanation for these question, I think I will have a good time reading the manga until the end.

Good story overall, but having the end too fast.


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