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Sabtu, 07 November 2015

Fix Error when update Android Studio to Android Studio 1.4

by Joielechong sipayung  |  in Slackware at  Sabtu, November 07, 2015

After I'm trying to upgrade my old Android Studio 1.3 to 1.4 with slackware build generated package from SlackBuilds.org, there is an error "Your Android Studio installation is corrupt and will not work properly..." like picture below (Picture 1.1):

First I think it complaining about conflicting plugins where old installation files reside, so maybe after I reinstall it will be fixed. But It always show the same error even though I've reinstalled Android Studio.

Then I try to remove my old Android Studio installation folders in my home directory, but instead deleting, I choose to rename all of them:
  1. ~/.AndroidStudio
  2. ~/.android
  3. ~/.AndroidStudio1.3
But the error still showing...Arrrggh

Still with plenty of courage in my heart, I try with another route. Though I'm suspecting that the package I generated with slackbuild file is broken because the slackbuild file is for Android Studio 1.1, I uninstall the Android Studio then remove the remaining directory where Android Studio installed, which is in /usr/share/android-studio/.

Voila!!!, now Android Studio working normal again.. :D :D :D

Note: I'm working with Slackware64 Current (build Agustus 2015)


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